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Why hire a Private Investigator?

In plaintiff cases, you can't afford not to! You owe a duty to your client to evaluate their case properly. You need to know the facts and need information to do this. And the facts are not always as they appear at first glance.

Case in point. We worked a case for an attorney who represented a passenger in a car that went off an interstate highway and rolled several times causing serious injuries to both driver and passenger. Neither had any memory of the accident and there were no known eye witnesses. The investigating officer cited the driver, who carried the minimum insurance required by law. Since the injuries were so severe, the attorney referred the case to us with a note. "I don't think there is anything here but take a look and see what you come up with."

Our investigation established that a semi-tractor trailer had sideswiped the car, causing the driver to lose control and leave the highway. The truck driver was unaware that he had made contact with the car and kept going. The plaintiff ultimately received a seven-figure settlement. The moral of the story is if you don't look, you won't find.

The same duty applies to Special Investigation Units for both State funds and private insurance companies. Their duty to the insured requires that cases are properly investigated to ensure that only those legitimately entitled to benefits receive them. Our investigations and surveillance have been instrumental in the removal of hundreds of fraudulent claims from the workers' compensation system.

What are the benefits of using contract investigators?

  • You don't have to bear the cost of maintaining a full time investigative staff
    • Salaries/Employee Benefits
    • Training and Equipment
    • Inefficient use of manpower
  • Case by case cost / benefit analysis maintains cost effectiveness
  • Spend money on investigation only when it's needed. Contract investigators are experts with the training and equipment required to complete the assignment expediently - thus saving you money.

About our Founder...
Todd Bontecou is the founder and president of Bontecou Investigate Services, Inc., established in 1983. He has investigated hundreds of cases ranging from personal injury, toxic tort, and product liability litigation to criminal defense, corporate espionage, and insurance/workers' compensation fraud investigations. He has worked cases throughout the Rocky Mountain West in Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Arizona, and has also conducted investigations at the international level.
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