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Civil Litigation
Insurance/Workers Compensation Fraud
Background Investigations

At BIS, Inc. we are committed to providing a high quality, cost effective service to meet the full range of your investigative requirements.

No matter the type of assignment, the goal of our investigators is the same -- to provide a comprehensive service including investigation and online research, witness interviews, surveillance and photography to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Whether you are an individual client, law firm, corporation, insurance company, or government agency, at BIS, Inc. our staff is dedicated to the success of each and every project. We handle all matters in the strictest confidence, with utmost professionalism and discretion.

Close contact between our investigative team and our clients and our flexibility in catering to their specific needs are the hallmarks of continued success.

We are a general investigation service and will handle most types of cases. All investigations are absolutely confidential and tailored to fit your budget. Call to discuss your case - there is no charge for the initial consultation.

Our network and geographic location allow us to offer services throughout the Rocky Mountain West.

Civil Litigation
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BIS brings thirty years experience to investigations of complex personal injury cases (both plaintiff and defense) relating to such areas of civil litigation as motor vehicle accidents, interstate trucking, medical malpractice, product liability, construction, oil and gas industry, toxic torts, pharmaceutical (Fen-Phen and Propulsid litigation), skiing accidents, corporate espionage and contract cases.

Insurance/Workers Compensation Fraud
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BIS has conducted hundreds of fraud investigations for the insurance industry and the State of Wyoming Workers Safety & Compensation Division Special Investigations Unit. We specialize in video surveillance. We use all digital cameras, enabling us to provide clients with a variety of reporting formats. For covert assignments, we have specialized equipment including pinhole cameras.

Background Investigations
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Background checks provide you with valuable information about individuals and businesses -- about your associates, acquaintances, competitors, and potential employees. We can assist employers in obtaining background information on prospective employees to aid in the hiring process. This service allows you to verify the information an individual provides and protects you against potential damages arising from negligent hiring

Each BIS background report is designed to meet the client's specific requirements. The type of information requested may include, but is not limited to the following:

  • Civil Records Search (Federal, State, County and Municipal Courts)
  • Criminal Record Search (Felony/Misdemeanor, Traffic)
  • Credit Profiles
  • Property Ownership
  • UCC Filings and Tax Liens
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Drivers License History
  • Verification of Education and Professional Credentials

We are happy to conduct a single search or to design a search package to suit your specific requirements. Ask about our discount on multiple searches.

Background Investigation Listing

Civil Record Search:
We search the court records requested in all counties where the individual has resided for civil suits and judgments, usually covering the past seven years. We can provide documentation if this is required.

Criminal Record Search:
We search the court records requested in all counties where the individual has resided for any criminal records, usually covering the past seven years. In some states, we can also conduct a statewide criminal conviction search with the applicant's signed authorization. We can provide documentation if required.

Credit Profile:
We will provide credit profiles in accordance with the guidelines set forth in the Federal Fair Credit and Reporting Act. The profile usually covers the past seven years. It may include such information as payment history, tax liens, judgments, bankruptcies, and other relevant information. The individual must provide a signed release authorizing the search.

Drivers License History:
We provide a copy of an individual's driving record usually covering the past three years. This record includes all driver license information and a history of driving violations, including DUI's.
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Verification of Educational Credentials
We verify an individual's educational background -- institutions and dates attended, degrees awarded. If the subject provides a signed release, we can also obtain copies of their transcript and related records.

Verification of Professional Licenses.
We can confirm what professional licenses an individual holds and their current standing. If available, we can also provide documentation of any disciplinary action taken against the subject by a licensing body.
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